How to Eliminate Candida

The bottom line is Candida is a game of nutrition, if you want Candida to go away you will have to play ball with an all natural LIFE STYLE
The drug store probably gave it to you so don’t go back to the drug store to remove it.


What’s the best way to receive nutrition?

Juicing or blending your fruits and vegetables!!
and afternoon teas that heal.
When you juice vegetables and fruits the juicer/blender does all the work of extracting the nutrients so your body doesn’t have to. It takes a considerable amount of energy for your body to break down food. When you juice your vegetables you receive 93% of the nutritional content. When we eat raw fruit and vegetables we only receive 3% of the nutritional content. Now you can understand how hard it is to reverse Candida when you are dealing with numbers like 3%
Keep in mind that it is the body that orchestrates healing as it obtains energy and nutritional components from the foods we eat daily. Prescribed drugs do not heal, the body heals. The human body will not fix one thing at a time but all things at the same time.
Herbal Smoothies allow the overall healing process to be more efficient. Most peoples' digestive systems are so toxic and inefficient that their ability to break down raw vegetables is greatly hampered. Smoothies will greatly assist this situation. For healing your body, you need to supply it with an enormous amount of nutrients above and beyond basic daily living requirements. The body normally does vital cellular activity only for daily basic living requirements. Healing is a luxury the body will not undertake unless it has excess energy. Excess energy can be provided to the body rapidly through you guessed it SMOOTHIES.

What’s the Magic Bullet for Removing Candida?


“Let Food be Thy Medicine & Thy Medicine be Thy Food”


We have assimilated several herbs, fruits and vegetable combinations that work very well to alleviate Candida.

We have a gentle system that you can follow over the next 3 to 6 months. Candida can take some time to gently remove if you try to cure it in a week you will only become more sick.

“Candida recovery” is a process and you must follow the “yellow brick road”

Stay on the path that we have developed and seen work for years or stray off the path and well you know how that story goes.

If you have been on antibiotics for months or years due to a chronic disease you have already suffered enough. Smoothies with herbs and fresh organic fruits and vegetables will renew your spirit.

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