Candida Herbal Collection

The first thing to do when we are trying to remove the symptoms of Candida is to understand we can’t treat the symptoms we must design a program that removes Candida.   A Successful Candida diet is more of a life style than a diet. History has taught us diets don’t work.

At this point in your Candida walk you have had enough, your tired, you look bad you feel horrible and everything you do or try just makes matters worse……….You thought to yourself how could it get any worse…….well it usually does with Candida.
What we have seen over the years is a certain man made substance got you into this mess and we believe the best remedy is to trust your gut (what’s left of it) and let food be thy medicine.
Remember this is a game of nutrition 80% of your immune system is in your gut. What builds your immune system? Fruits, vegetables, minerals, vitamins you know the drill we just need to get back to basics.

We have a system
It works if you work it!

When you order the Candida Kit you will receive a three to six month supply of herbs.
Depending on your Candida case. You will follow a plan that gently over the next few months will hopefully remove the Candida from your gut.
How do we do it?

1. Gently cleanse your system and flush out all toxins that caused the Candida in the first place. We do this with a few herbs and several different types of smoothies.

2. Start to prepare you for the Candida die off process. We want this to be smooth not a war in your gut so with deep cellular communication we really fire up all of your cellular colonies. Granulocyte macrophage colony-stimulating!!  Stem cells, granulocytes (neutrophils, eosinophils, and basophils) and monocytes. Killer Cells, NK cells the list goes on and on, basically your Immune system!

3. Proboitics and Glyco - nutrient ingredients (the best kept hidden secret in the herbal community) added to the smoothies. That’s what makes our system the best HANDS DOWN.

4. Time to start cleaning house…… Antifungal herbs maybe the most important part of the Candida removal process. This process may last up to a month as we incorporate several antifungal herbs in your daily smoothies.

5. Flush out the system again with herbs that remove toxins and smoothies that aid your gut durring this process.

6. Now its time to heal ,protect and build strong this is the fun part!!! At this point your gut is strong enough to do the work it was designed to do.  hopefully this will become a life style for you.Some great herbs and wonderfull smoothies are in your future!! Turbo boost your immune system and help protect you and your family from all sorts of crazy seaonal allergies and illnesses.

Herbal Collection
You will receive individually sealed in powder form 

Kelp .73 oz

Aloe Vera .73 oz

Shiitake Mushrooms .73 oz

Whey Protein Isolate .73 oz

Psyllium Husk powder.73 oz

Fenugreek .73 oz

Olive Leaf .60 oz

Licorice root .60 oz

Echinacea .60 oz

Black Walnut Hull .60 oz

Coconut powder .60 oz

Oregano powder .60 oz

Pau D Arco .60 oz

Cats Claw .60 oz

Oregon Grape Root .60 oz

Garlic .60 oz

Fennel .60 oz

Lemon Balm .60 oz

Slippery Elm .60 oz

Marshmallow Root powder .60 oz

Neem Powder .60 oz

Resveratrol extract powder, 5% .60 oz

Each one of these herbs has a specific order we use during your Candida removal smoothie regiment.

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